About us

The Asociación Mexicana de Cirugía General, A. C. is an organization whose members are general surgeons with a professional diploma recognized by the relevant authorities. Among its purposes, it points at the need for a better scientific, technical, cultural, moral, legal and social preparation of all its Associates, to optimize the capacities of the surgeon in order to carry out his/her duties within an ethical and legal framework and with the highest technical level, as this specialty requires. As a social group that carries out its activities aimed at achieving health and welfare for human beings and society, it will make all efforts necessary for its members to act with the responsibility that our specialty demands.


To provide ongoing education and updating to general surgeons for a better performance of their medical-surgical activity, that enables them to carry out their professional work in a safe way for the patient, with high social commitment, respect for human dignity and care for the environment, as well as to represent its Associates fittingly.


To be the leading medical organization in the field of general surgery before the medical community and society as a whole, in the forefront thanks to its relevant contributions, and promoting academic, scientific and practical knowledge of surgery, with national and international presence, and recognized as an organization with a high professional and academic level and as the regulatory body of surgery in Mexico.


Quality, excellence, responsibility, honesty, ethics, professionalism, respect, humanism, equity, justice, comradery, loyalty, solidarity, vocation to service and social commitment.

The quality and excellence of the Association stem from its human assets, who have great professionalism, a high academic standing, humanism and social commitment, as well as self-sacrifice, dedication, enthusiasm, efficacy and effectiveness in order to achieve the Association’s goals.

Acting with justice and equity ensures that every decision taken by the Association is the result of transparency, responsibility, morals, ethics and professionalism on the part of the chairman, the Executive Board, the Advisory Board and the Honor and Justice Commission, as well as the analysis, approval and confirmation, in its case, by the General Assembly of Associates.

Solidarity in the group arises from the Association taking into account the concerns and needs of its Associates and vice versa.

The tradition of respect is based on upholding the ethical and moral values of surgery throughout its history, as well as on the inclusive and pioneering spirit of the Association.

Furthermore, the Association is open to the universal nature of knowledge and research, expressed with honesty, humanism, objectivity, academic rigor, and vocation to service.


The Association is committed to providing efficacious, efficient and effective high quality services, aimed at fulfilling the educational needs and expectations of general surgeons. To that end, we search for ongoing improvement in the activities of our organization, in order to have a continuous medical and surgical update that enables excellence-based surgery, considering that surgery is a humanly performed science and an expertly executed art.

It is certified by ISO-9001-2015 / NMX-CC-9001-IMNC-2015; guaranteeing to fulfill the Quality Policy.


The guiding principle of the quality objectives will be evidence-based excellence.

  • Promoting, developing, coordinating, supporting, leading, and implementing projects aimed at the professional development of general surgeons and other related specialists, both from an educational and technological perspective, through ongoing learning, the mechanisms to achieve it, assessment, research and the provision of high-quality medical and surgical services, by:
      • Offering continuous and up-to-date medical surgical education, through courses in their various modalities, local and regional meetings and an annual international congress, as well as scientific information published by different media.
      • Widening the coverage of surgical education for general surgeons, through local and regional courses and the annual international congress.
      • Fulfilling the expectations of attendants to the annual International General Surgery Congress, by satisfying the need for updated surgical education.
      • Providing information and services to general surgeons in a swift and accurate way as it appears or is requested.
  • Implementing, promoting, disseminating, upholding and defending the rights of surgeons in all areas of fundamental rights, human rights and International Humanitarian Right, through consultancy, advice, and multidisciplinary professional assistance.
  • Promoting and finding the right balance and restoring the rights of surgeons, as well as preventing and correcting any harm arising from legal provisions or the actions of government bodies that restrict freedom in the exercise of the surgical profession.
  • Training the surgeon in medical-legal issues, taking into account the increasingly belligerent behavior of patients, society and physicians themselves.
  • Promoting and stating their position before the authorities, in order to modify any laws that may affect the free and responsible action of surgeons.
  • Promoting activities that general surgeons may be interested in, especially the Associates, such as cooperativism; business, industry, and trade; as well as protection of the environment and biodiversity throughout the country.
  • Managing, obtaining and applying funds, whether from governmental or private sources or from national or international cooperation, to carry out the Association’s purposes, and especially for education and research by its member surgeons.
  • Providing continuous education to the managerial staff, based on the identified needs for training, for a better performance of their jobs.