Dear Associate:

Our commitment to the Association and to each person who is part of it, is to maintain quality standards and continuous improvement, in order to continue positioning ourselves as an organization with a high social commitment and respect for human dignity.

That is why we are pleased to communicate that we have sought and obtained with the highest level, the Accreditation of the Indicators of Institutionality and Transparency, granted by the CEME (Mexican Center for Philanthropy), whose objective is to increase transparency and accountability of accounts in the Organizations, to advance towards the professionalization of the different sectors and to achieve the congruence of their programs with their social purpose, as well as with their daily practices.

Our Association now has this Accreditation, represents the way in which we have carried out our activities since 1974, the year of our foundation: with transparency, responsibility and commitment. Thanks to this way of acting, we have won the trust of all those who make it up and of our interest groups. In addition, it is a commitment that we have acquired so that in the future it continues to be done in the same way.

Activities like this, lead us to continue being a space of academic exchange and providing services of the highest quality, in constant search for areas of improvement that make us strengthen as an institution and our profession, with knowledge that consolidates our actions in the work professional.

We thank you for being part of this community of professionals that day by day continues its journey towards new challenges and opportunities that the present world poses to us. For our part, we continue working to ensure that this is done and permeates all of us who are part of the AMCG.